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Keeping You On the Road!

Morrison Autoworks in Hyannis, MA provides complete auto service and repair. We are dedicated to providing friendly local and affordable vehicle repair and service to the community. Serving the Cape Cod area for over a decade, we have become Hyannis’s go to dealership alternative. We do not just provide great auto service but also outstanding customer service and care. When you bring your vehicle to our shop you will notice the difference. With every service, one of our techs will conduct a safety inspection to make sure your car is safe and road-ready before returning it to you. Once service is complete, we will go over any problems and let you know of any upcoming services that may be needed. We believe every vehicle that comes to us is our priority. When looking for a dealership alternative auto service center call (508) 217-6470 or stop by 38 Warehouse Rd and one of our service specialists will help you.

Routine Maintenance & Care

Routine maintenance and care is crucial to your cars performance and dependability. With timely automotive maintenance and repairs, you can easily avoid unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs. Otherwise, they wouldn’t call it preventative maintenance. One of the most important services to keep up with is an oil change. Conventional oil change service is necessary every 3,000 miles. If using synthetics or blends your interval may be extended to 5,000 to 10,000 miles depending on your vehicle make and model. If you don’t know your service interval, check your owner’s manual or stop by Morrison’s and one of our specialist will be happy to help you.

Complete Tire Service & Brake Repair

Part of complete car care and safety is making sure your tires and brakes are in good working condition. Keeping up with simple tire maintenance and keeping an eye on the thickness of your brake pads is easy. Not only will it save you valuable time and money, but it will also help maintain fuel efficiency. We suggest that you check your tire pressure weekly and inspect tires often. Maintaining correct tire pressure and rotating your tires will help extend the lifespan of your tires and help prevent premature replacement. We also suggest listening to your brakes while in use without your music or air on, to hear how they are working. You can usually hear when something is wrong, or if you are lucky, catch an early warning signal such as a high pitched whining noise when braking. This is caused by a small metal wear indicator located within your brake pad. This warning signifies your brake pads are wearing thin and need to be replaced. If you suspect that you may be having problems with your tires or brakes, please call or stop by Morrison Autoworks today and get complete tire and brake system services you can trust.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

If your check engine light is on, don’t worry right away, unless it’s flashing at you. If flashing, pull over and have your vehicle towed to avoid further damaging your vehicle. Your check engine light is there to warn you and help you to avoid larger scale problems. First, check your gas cap and see if it is put on correctly. When not screwed on correctly it can trigger your light to come on. A few of the other common triggers are your o2 sensor, mass air Sensor, spark plugs, and your catalytic converter. When illuminated our team can diagnose and fix the problem quickly and efficiently. Call or come to our location for check engine light diagnostics.

Fleet Services You Can Trust!

We service all types of vehicles here at Morrison and we specialize in truck and diesel repair. No job is too big or small for our team. We can maintain and repair any truck or diesel engine and walk you through the process step by step. We provide stress free truck and diesel repair service and at an affordable rate. Lastly, we provide top-notch fleet service that will keep your fleet in excellent condition therefore reducing downtime and unexpected repairs and breakdowns. Call (508) 217-6470 today to schedule an estimate or inquire online through our scheduling form.